Top 5 Remodeling Trends in Miami

Top 5 Remodeling Trends in Miami

Top 5 Remodeling Trends in Miami

Top 5 Remodeling Trends in Miami, Florida

A building can only be as great as its flooring. When expertly done, a floor can have that inviting appearance. There are many flooring designs that keep coming up especially with the constantly advancing technology. This article lets you in on the top trending designs that can benefit you if you are looking to do a flooring remodeling in Miami.

Concrete Tiles and Distressed Wood

Distressed floor style is a lean way of achieving aged luxury through the use of the artificial aging technology. It takes in a slightly worn out appearance and is ideal if you are interested in a beautiful and rustic look. Some of the steps taken to achieve the rustic look include hand scrapping the edges of the wood plank and adding kerf and swirl marks so that the wood replicates a historic wood.

Graphic Tiles

Graphic tiles is a creative way of making a statement on your love for art. There are many unique, artful patterns to select from that include canvas images which are produced using advanced technology. In case you are looking to have a customized floor, the first step is to give your specifications and let the expert turn them into a reality.

Blanched and Bleached Woods

Flooring remodeling trends in Miami are quickly changing with people suddenly drifting away from the conventional wooden floors. The white-washed and bleached-like look of a wooden floor is quickly gaining prominence among many property owners. This great design involves a simple application of a chemical onto the wood that diminishes the artificial dye or the brown stain coating. The result is a charming and clear floor that takes on a class of itself.

Vintage Black and White

This design lets you reinvent the old and pleasurable memories from the past and relive them afresh. There has recently been a resurgence of the black and white tiles, being featured more and more in modern properties. However, the new black and white is more graphical, bold, and illustrative in appearance. The general feeling is that of a perfectly blended vintage and contemporary patterns that turn any simple property into a luxurious and exquisite sight.

Fumed Wood Flooring

This technique defies the conventional way of staining wood floorings for a unique look. To the contrary, its aesthetic look is derived from the fuming process where the wood is put in a chamber containing airborne ammonia. The resulting reaction changes the appearance of the wood. The new look is independent on the type of wood and the surrounding environmental and atmospheric factors. One constant is that the resulting wood will take on an eye-catching and exquisite look that is rich in dark tones.

Your Next Steps for Remodeling in Miami

There are endless opportunities of turning your simple floor into a unique and refreshing look. Most homeowners nowadays prefer having specially treated materials that complement their property both in terms of value and beauty.

Customization is also possible, and it all starts with you discussing your expectations with the flooring expert. Contact a flooring remodeling expert in Miami today to help you with your flooring needs on your budget and quick turnaround.


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