Kitchen Remodeling in Brickell

Kitchen Remodeling in Brickell

Kitchen Remodeling in Brickell

You Need Best Kitchen Remodeling in Brickell ?

Remodeling the kitchen is not something to be approached rashly. Then, even before you visit a professional or visit the showroom, read our kitchen remodeling ideas designed to create a cooking space you have always you have always wanted

Kitchen Countertops

Kitchen countertop is another element of great value. As with cabinets, you can choose from many types of kitchen countertops. The main options include laminate, ceramic tile, wood, marble and granite. Each material has its advantages and disadvantages: it is difficult to know which type of work surface is best for your kitchen. Dorris Construction Management helps you solve all the problems in this section by looking at different types of countertop.

Kitchen Cabinets

The replacement of kitchen cabinets is the most important part of many kitchen renovations. The style of your cabinet determines the tone of your kitchen. The cabinets are also responsible for storage and general functionality. Dorris Construction Management offers a variety of styles and color options, with a choice of nearly 80 colors, ensuring you always have the right tone.

Ideas for kitchen elements include the choice between certain hardware options, such as hinges and handles. The cost of new kitchen cabinets can vary greatly depending on whether you want your own closet or inventory.

Kitchen Backsplashes

Much more than the functional surface, the kitchen with backsplash has become an important feature of many modern kitchens. There are many types of backsplashes including incredible glass patterns, recycled bricks, ceramic tiles and entangled mosaics that have become popular in recent years.

Solid materials, such as metal and stone, can also be used for great performance, especially when working with the rest of the kitchen design. Dorris Construction Management offers a wide range of materials and products that help create a dream kitchen.

Kitchen Lighting

Most people who renovate their kitchen do not consider lighting as a primary consideration. We should Visibility is essential in the area where you work with knives and other potentially dangerous kitchenware. In addition, the right lighting can give your kitchen a warm and family atmosphere. We will look at kitchen lighting accessories and outlets, from halogen lamps to incandescent bulbs. A lighting plan for your kitchen requires the same elements as for any other room.

Kitchen Wall Treatment

The first rule for choosing wall treatments is to match them to your cabinets. Painting is a popular wall treatment because it is relatively inexpensive and easy to clean (which is always important in the kitchen). If you want something a little rarer, you can go with wallpapers or billboards. Whatever you decide, do not underestimate the importance of wall treatment.

Kitchen Windows

Let the sun in! A kitchen window will do just that, giving you a bright and happy place to cook. Your window features range from double-slider controls to sliding controls - we'll let you know about these and other options. The window treatments you choose are just as important. They add character to your windows and to your kitchen as a whole. Coffee coffees are a popular choice, while matchstick or bamboo tones add a new element to your kitchen décor. 

Kitchen Doors and Accessories

When it comes to cooking, doors are not just doors. In addition to giving you access to your kitchen, you also have the option of adding an extra decorative touch. You can choose between glass doors, swing doors and sliding doors, which we will discuss in this section. Kitchen accessories, such as cabinets and window handles, offer the opportunity to spice up the kitchen. The right material can bring together all the materials of your kitchen.

Kitchen Floors

The kitchen floor will cost an average four percent of your kitchen budget and given the stress associated with remodeling a large floor, you can count more to keep your apartment in shape. In general, light colored floor covering of each type enlarge the room and allow tiles to be placed diagonally instead of parallel to walls. Large tiles feel comfortable in modern kitchens and have the advantage of minimizing jointing lines. Small tiles are also what you need if you want to design floors or edges with a pattern. 


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