Kitchen Remodeling Ideas for a House in Miami

Kitchen Remodeling Ideas for a House in Miami

Kitchen Remodeling Ideas for a House in Miami

You Need Best Kitchen Remodling in Miami , Florida?

Remodeling your kitchen is the best way to improve the flow and functionality of the current space. Dorris Construction Management offers excellent and affordable packages for all kitchen renovations, as well as new and modern custom homes in Miami.

Here are some ideas for transforming/remodeling your kitchen.

Remove Wasted Steps

Think about how and where you use kitchen items. Keep food for breakfast and bowls by the breakfast table. Hold the liner and plastic containers in place near the worktop to wrap the leftovers. Locate dishware near the dishwasher to facilitate easy unloading process.

Wide Design Paths

Paths throughout a kitchen should be at least 36 inches wide. Paths within the cooking zone should be 42 inches wide for a one-cook kitchen and 48 inches wide for a two-cook configuration. When planning, set the cooking islands and peninsulas accordingly.

Direct Traffic

For child-friendly kitchen designs, keep the cook top area out of the transit area so that children do not get caught and leak during the race. In addition, put the refrigerator at the disposal of pedestrians and people working in the kitchen and cleaning areas.

Find the Right Height for the Microwave Oven

The optimum height and position of the microwave depends on the cook and the degree of kid-friendliness you want in the kitchen. For adults, 15 inches above the counter is a good height microwave. For children, the below-countertop configuration can be safer and more convenient.

Stay Away from Corners

In order for the cabin door and door to be fully functional, plan the space for the door and the direction of rotation in your kitchen design. Keep devices away from corners and make sure the door does not hit if they are open at the same time.

Determine the Function of the Island

In the case of kitchen islands, form follows function. If you want to cook and eat on kitchen islands, allow enough space to separate the cook top from the dining room.

Landing Plan

When designing your kitchen, leave a 15-inch counter on each side of the cook top and refrigerator. The landing zone is also important near the microwave oven.

Think About Countertops

Those who cook often need more storage space, ideally between the kitchen and sink than those who cook or rarely prepare simple meals. The incorporation of both heights facilitates cooking and helps the children involved in the preparation of the meal.

Organize the Range

Place the shelf next to or behind the oven for cooking oils, dishes and spices Place S-hooks on the side of the range hood to hang frequently used pots and pans.

Be Sharp when Storing Knives

Have some room for knives. This makes it easier to find the right working knife and keeps dangerous objects out of the reach of children. Such a drawer has grooves that hold the knives in place and cover the sharp knives.

Easy Reach

Put kids' favorite dishes and snack foods on shelves or in drawers they can reach.

Add a Message Center

Set up a message center near the kitchen phone. Place the bulletin board, whiteboard, or wallboard on the wall and store the notebook, notebook, and writing tools in the nearby tray.

Connect It

Place multiple connectors with the splashguard and on the island to get electricity wherever you need it.

Break the Cabinet Blocks

Avoid boring heavy blocks of doors and drawers by adding interesting details, such as glass doors and shelves.

Use Bright Colors in a Small Kitchen

Dark colors reduce space and make it less attractive. Use soft tones in kitchen cabinets and natural light to visually enlarge your small room.

Find the Focal Point

Tile spraying, luxurious floors, large kitchen hoods, large kitchen cabinets and occupied plates give too much insight. Choose the focal point of your kitchen design and complete this area with quieter and more enjoyable eye-pleasing details.

At Dorris Construction Management, we offer excellent and affordable packages for all your kitchen renovations, as well as for the new modern homes in Miami Florida. Contact us at and start creating a dream kitchen for you.

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