Kitchen Design Ideas in Miami

Kitchen Design Ideas in Miami

Kitchen Design Ideas in Miami

Are you looking for the best kitchen design idea in Miami, Florida?

Here we will talk and ilustrate some of the top kitchen design ideas in Miami. The process of designing your new kitchen is an exciting time, rich in choice and opportunity. One of the most important design decisions you can make is the style and design of your kitchen. In most homes, the kitchen is the center of the house, where everyone meets. Make sure the new kitchen layout reflects your style and originality.

Popular Working Triangle

As seen in many homes in central Tennessee, the design of the "working triangle" is very popular because of the ease of access and the characteristics of the organization. In the working triangle, the three points are the stove, the sink and the refrigerator, also called 3 essential elements of the proper kitchen. This design allows homeowners to easily maneuver around the kitchen and access the basics of cooking and cleaning directly. Add an island or table in the center to add a touch of style to your kitchen.

Design of the Area

With this type of kitchen, there are separate cooking facilities, meals and cleaning. In addition, this design allows a lot of traffic in the kitchen, in case you do it with both hands. To add your own style, you can add a non-traditional station or work with your favorite color scheme.



This look of the kitchen has the same shape as the name. This design allows homeowners to have great cooking and interact with the family. Typically, this design has a wall cabinet that surrounds countertops, sinks and the kitchen. In addition, many are cabinets located along the lower half of the kitchen. With this style of cooking, you will have the freedom to organize your kitchen furniture, like an island or a table, at your leisure. Housewives looking for an "open" style will benefit from the kitchen in the form of letter L.



It is a coincidence that many designer kitchens come in the form of letters. This design is ideal for homeowners who want space in the center or on the island. With this design, those who love to cook luxury dishes will have enough space to spread and enjoy their time. When designing a U-shaped kitchen, using a unique color palette, such as white or light, will connect the room.

Estimate your space

Although gallery kitchens work best in small spaces, they may also be suitable for medium-sized kitchens. However, keep in mind that if the opposite race is too far away, the kitchen will lose its effectiveness. Also galley layout in an open-plan space can offer the best of both worlds.

Place the tall cabinets on the wall.

If you are designing a kitchen, it is desirable to go against a wall of at least 12 feet so that the sink and cook top can be placed far enough apart. For safety reasons, place it at least 5 feet away. However, as he does not leave the work area, we always try to locate him at a distance greater than 3 meters. In this arrangement, the 12-inch portion provides sufficient drainage capacity, with cabinets or drawers lower than the beach (sometimes requiring adaptation to the upper trays in this scenario) and ensures residence of all major features.

Or Break up the run

You may prefer an asymmetric design with high and low units along the same wall. For example, if the wall is a little over 12 feet long, it is likely that there will be three high shelters at one end and the other three base units. Typically, there would be wall units, floating shelves or a window above the base units. On the opposite side you can have wall units, shelves, windows or even a transparent wall.

This arrangement works well if the kitchen is narrow enough, because without the tall units that enter the kitchen, the space will be more open.

By building your own home instead of buying one on the market, you will have total control over the type of kitchen you want. You can finally create the kitchen you've always dreamed of.

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